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Industrial automation Cobots manufacturers and Supplier in India

Добавлено: 20 сен 2022, 10:47
Unrestricted Robots – Simple. Convenient. Reliable

High-precision encoders and advanced motion control make sure high accuracy and repeatability within 0.05 mm every time.

Our robots have built-in force sensing that lets them adapt to changes in the process. This makes it possible for Collaborative Robots to be used in completely new ways for complex assembly, in-process inspection, polishing, remote monitoring, etc.

Easy to set up and change between applications with little time spent switching.

Built-in redundant safety makes it worry-free for humans and collaborative robots to work together, which makes it possible for humans and Cobots to work together to finish complex tasks.

At Svaya Robotics, they have a Full-stack Technology Platform.

Human-Cobot interaction is easy and straightforward
Anyone can use the intuitive and interesting interface to create, connect, simulate, and control workflows, even if they don't have any experience.

Our Digital-twin approach connects the real and virtual worlds by giving full visibility into robot workflows and letting real-time operational data be used to control them virtually.

When built-in sensing is combined with machine vision, it opens the door to completely new AI-powered applications that make even unstructured environments more usable, flexible, and scalable.